About Us

Meeting the needs of 21st Century education
Bibury Church of England Primary School is a small school set in a beautiful location next to St Mary's Church. It is a school where old meets new. Externally, the building has changed little since the 1850's, but internally, it has been modernised and adapted to meet the needs of 21st century education, with technology having a particularly high focus.
The members of our governing body give up their free time to support our pupils, teachers, school and local community.
They monitor and challenge the work going on in the school through school visits, and their work in the governor committees. As a Church School two of our governors are appointed by our local Church and they monitor the daily Worship and other aspects of the children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.
All Governors provide strategic direction for the school and challenge the Head in the leadership of the school. Through the School Development Plan, the governors give critical input to the day-to-day monitoring of pupil achievement and progress.
'Our governors play a critical role in guiding, supporting and challenging the school'

Chair of Governors