Lunchtimes and Intimate care

Lunch and Snacks
Parents are asked to provide healthy snacks for the morning and afternoon sessions. Children will always have access to drinking water throughout the day.
Carefully planned, nutritionally balanced hot lunches are available daily and you are welcome and encouraged to book a hot lunch for your child, the cost of which is £2.71 per meal.
Alternatively, your child can bring a healthy packed lunch. Please note our school and preschool are both nut free and children must not bring any nut-based products in to preschool.

Toilet information

If your child is in nappies, please provide a clearly labelled changing bag with the necessary items in. We will support and encourage the children when potty training but do suggest that you provide enough spare pants and clothes for any little accidents.

Even for potty trained children, it is always useful to provide a spare pair of underwear in the children's bag in case of any accidents and you may also wish to provide a spare pair of trousers/skirt to change into. We will speak to you at the end of the session discretely and return any washing to you in a carrier bag if needed.