Money Sense

Making Sense of Money

We are proud to announce that Bibury Cof E Primary School has become a Moneysense Accredited School. One of only three Moneysense schools in the area.

As part of our commitment to teaching our pupils how to use money safely and responsibly, we were joined by volunteers from NatWest to run workshops.

Reception and Years One and Two learned about how we use money, how it can be spent, saved or donated. They also explored the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Years Three and Four worked in groups to plan and present a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party, which helped them learn about budgeting.

Years Five and Six became detectives to solve a crime of fraud as part of their workshop to understand the dangers of identity theft and fraud.

The children received certificates and we are very grateful to the volunteers from NatWest.

The MoneySense website mymoneysense.com has a Parents section where you can download activities to do at home. Your children can also explore a Virtual Bank to get used to the services in a real bank branch.